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to deploy in your Decor Product Customization

Motion captivation charisma!  Engaging storytelling!

Motion design and creation for a single display item, or

Coordinated motion design and creation for a collection of display items, or

Visual and sound effect synchronization.

And many other possibilities... 

Best served for show window, redemption counter, atrium, open space and any pop-up place 
Let your display props DANCE!!

Personify your brand or product with active animation? We can make static objects moving with design and mechanics.

Aerial Mechanic

With a high ceiling or aerial space, we can make your display items moving to draw attention.

Motorized Mechanic

Want to make gigantic display items move creatively? Consider our motorized mechanics integration.

Show Control

Let your show on at your designed schedule and your designed sequence of coordinated moving performance.

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