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Flexible Sealing Sleeve


Quality Made-In-Germany  |  Direct import to HK 

德國製造  直接進口香港

Waterproof sealing on pipe ducts


Characteristics and supportive European standards


  1. Special elastomer sleeve (available in 3 sizes) with expansion zone and sealing lip

  2. Watertight, complying with or conforming to 

  • water action categories W0-I, W1-I, W2-I and W3-I for tear class R1-I in accordance with DIN 18534

  • water action category W1-B for the tear classes R0-B and R1-B for the container sites S1-B and S2-B in accordance with DIN 18535

  • moisture resistance classes A0 and B0 according to ZDB as well as A, B and C according to abP

  • stress categories W1, W2, W3, W4, W5 and W6 in accordance with ÖNORM B 3407

  1. EMICODE® EC 1 Plus - very low emission



  1. Elastomer sleeve for watertight sealing on pipe ducts under tiles, boards and ceramic coverings

  2. Pipe duct diameters applicable for sealing:

  • 20-35mm (sealing sleeve dimension: 135 x 135mm)

  • 31-35mm (sealing sleeve dimension: 160 x 160mm)

  • 69-110mm (sealing sleeve dimension: 215 x 215mm)

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